Friday, August 9, 2013

Glib-Glub Glibbitty Glub

Glib-glub, glibitty glub,
There is a man in my tub;
Sexy hot smoking little roly-poly bub:
Hair on his back. He’s got a mix-tape to dub.

Glib-glub, gluttony gub,
Rivers of cheez-whiz poured over snails;
Suds soak through and soil their tails:
                        Little Roly-Poly sucks the juice and hits Record.

Glib-glub, glistening tub,
            Upon the floor is a little shrub;
We eat the berries, though they shimmer:
                        Poison scars my throat; Meat Loaf croons.

Glig-glub, glibitty glub,
            A hot man in my tiny tub;
A bloated, stinking, slimy sub:
                        Not the prostitute that I had ordered.

[ I told you I was crazy ]