Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Drunkard's Journey -- Revised, Republished... Ready for Prime Time?

So I got my rights back from the publisher who had been working on The Spaces Between. The contract simply ended and I decided not to renew, because I thought it would be fun to try and promote this on my own. Crazy talk.

Anyway, a lot has changed with this book, although the story has not. A few items of note: 

Sped up the slow parts and kept the action

Torplug and Qainur have become Darrell and Bruce. I laugh every time I see those names

The entire trilogy has been published now. The story is complete.

The simple-minded and the insane. Mercenaries, demons, drunks, and unstable men. The dead and living. A world full of simpletons and simple technology, but cursed with unbelievable magic and powerful warlocks. Thus is the world of The Spaces Between. Zhy, the town drunk, finds himself on a journey with a brazen mercenary and an uppity mage. They are followed by an idiot man-child, listening to voices in his head. As they creep closer to their stated goal, each man realizes he’s only a pawn in a scheme: A scheme concocted by one of the travelers. A drunkard’s journey will begin with laughter and end in misery.