Saturday, March 24, 2012

Death by Zamboni

I highly recommend this book.

Here's my review I put up for it.

I love bizarro stories, I love wild and crazy--I mean, so wild and crazy that you completely forget your own name. But I also like a complete story, an adventure, a quest, a mystery to solve.

This book melds both perfectly together.

Throughout we have the mystery of the missing man, and our PI is hot (well, not hot, more like lukewarm, well no, more like cold coffee warm, no, not really. He's really cold, but he still isn't too bad). Anyway... there is a definite storyline here that is structured and established. There is also enough ridiculousness that one is never quite sure what comes next. And what comes next may be a new twist in the investigation, or something so silly you can't stop laughing.

It is very cleverly written, and there are moments where you think your hand holds firmly to sanity, and then it is kicked away violently by a steel-toed boot. The boot, of course, belonging to a mime.

Get this. Read it. If you like the strange and the bizarre, and don't mind having your brain explode right outside of your skull. It feels so good!

And a shout-out to Peter Sellers? Classic!


  1. Oooohhhhh, this one sounds interesting.
    What a great review.

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