Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jane Eyre ... Is on Fire

OK, so I've been working on the latest bizarro entry in the Voltaire saga (see link to Voltaire's Adventures), in which the lovely Jane Eyre finds herself on fire and in need of assistance. She's not yet Mrs. Rochester, so things have really gone astray in this tale.

The story basically blends Murder by Death with Jane Eyre and a bunch of strange references. So far we have:

* Belgian metal band ADX
* Micromegas (a short story written by Voltaire)
* Manilla Road (another metal band)
* References to the orignal Voltaire story
* Flip Saunders
* A Yoda impersonator
* A cleaver (unpossessed in 1484)

I'm at 136 pages or so, including bonus material. Bizarro like this really doesn't have to be overly long, so it's probably almost done.

QUESTION: What would you like to see in this? What culture reference? Pop star? Soft Drink..? Should it be longer than 150-60 pages? Do you care? Do I exist?

Here's a cheap-o cover, done in GIMP. Probably worth spending some money on it, eh?

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