Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indie Publishing or Traditional Publishing?

There is a great discussion going on on the Kindle Boards (that I started) about traditional versus indie publishing.

Follow it here:,100847.0.html

And here is what I wrote:

Is the perception of indie publishing declining? In one of the other “reader-only” forums, someone mentioned that they refuse to read any more indie works because of sock-puppet reviews, paid reviews, and other under-handed behavior by independently-published authors.

I’m clawing and scratching to break into traditional publishing, mainly because I don’t have time or money to promote my work 24x7, or to shovel my way through the chaff and onto readers’ radar. It’s too easy for people to create an .epub file and fire it off into cyberspace, such that there is a lot of junk out there (maybe my stuff is junk, too, who knows). So getting into the traditional market allows one to have that line of distribution behind them, the power to setup signings, market locally, and not come across as someone who just downloaded Calibre and uploaded to Amazon.

There is a plethora of awesome indie books out there, and I’ve read many and been very impressed. But there is so much noise that it just doesn’t seem like the fight is worth it... getting a traditional contract is looking more and more appealing.

Does anyone share similar thoughts?

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