Friday, January 6, 2012

Sick of Vampires Yet?

I have watched the phenomenon of Twilight and all the spin-offs and knock-offs with interest, being a fan of vampires. I’m not really into the romantic style that Twilight embraces, and even Anne Rice is a little tame for me. However, as an author, I applaud the success of Twilight and am amazed at the popularity. Go, Stephenie Meyer, go!

This is not a criticism of anything Twilight—there’s too much of that. Rather, I’d like to point out a vampire series that describes the darker, more sinister, and downright evil nature of these bloodsucking creatures.

Folks, if you have not read Brian Lumley’s Necroscope series, you are missing some absolutely awesome vampire stories. It is not without flaws, and sometimes I’d wish he’d back off on the whole paranormal/ESP think. But the vampires?

There is nothing romantic about them.

Think of a large leech living inside you, attached to your entire core, being part of you. It is you, you are it. It needs to feed, and doesn’t care how—and if it has to reproduce, beware of pulsating tentacles and rudimentary body parts lifting from the very earth!


Deadspeak and Deadspawn make up books 4 and 5 of the “trilogy”, there is a Vampire World trilogy in the middle between even more Necroscope books. But my favorites are the first 3 in the original trilogy and the Vampire World. I stayed up all night reading "The Last Aerie"... amazing.

Now, the whole source of vampires is what intrigues me, and where I could almost believe it could happen, given our knowledge of wormholes and all that.

I love the series, but if Lumley had cut out all the ESP/paranormal information, I think he could have condensed the five books into 3, and then done the 3 Vampire World Series. I have to curtail myself as an author, because there is much more to go on, but I need to remember that I am trying to stick to 3. No biggie, just some thoughts.

So.. fans of Twilight, if you’re looking for more gore, evil, self-serving, parasitic vampires with nothing redeeming about them, pick up the Necroscope today!

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  1. Is commenting on your own post koser? Well, I want to keep this current because I'm still getting through Vamphyri! The story is fascinating, the action is tight, and the vampires are pure evil. Love it!

    Will probably finish tonight and start on The Source.